The Real Boobs Page


(. )( .) Boobs are pretty good at brightening one's day. 
Try these boobs if your sprits are um... *sagging*.

 Even a really long time ago,
the power of boobs could not be denied.

Yes, the right one is larger Virginia. 

In the most pastoral of settings 
boobs aren't quite so scary.
Sometimes boobs are hidden, Sometimes boobs are in a very colorful setting,

sometimes just obscured,

and sometimes the colors are muted.

and sometimes in plain sight.

But no matter what, boobs always seem to please.
Here are the boobicons

(.)(.) Average boobs, small nipples just below center
(*)(*) Lifted boobs (place hands beneath breasts, lift)
(')(') Sky pointer boobs, you know who you are
(' )( ') Wide sky pointer boobs
(. )( .) Full boobs with small nipples that point to the sides
(o )( o) Full boobs with big nipples that point to the sides
( o )( o ) Really full boobs with big nipples pointing straight
(+)(+) Fake boobs
( + )( + ) BIG Fake boobs
(@)(@) REALLY big nipple boobs
(#)(#) Flat against the shower door boobs
(o)Y(o) Wonderbra boobs
\o/\o/ Grandma boobs
(^)(^) Cold boobs
{.}{.} Lace bra boobs
|v v| Tiny boobs
|.|(.) During mammogram boobs
|. .| A guy

Kissy boobs