The Crafty Ladies


Collier Family Crafty Lady Page

Those are the "original" crafty ladies right over there -->

They make crafty stuff like quilts, but mostly it is a social circle
The quilt they made for Sharon to commemorate the tree kids had a bucket on it to show how sick she would get when she was great with child and it had a little record of our wedding date too
and a tree that I can't remember the meaning of This is Wendy and Julian.  They have been our friends for, um... a real long time
Peggy, Evy, Janet, and Jo Ann tells a great story while hyped up on diet soda
When you get them all together in Janet's kitchen you simply can't stop them from smiling Mary and Peggy mug for the camera
The littlest Crafty Ladies Three crafty husbands flirt with Peggy who appears to not mind at all