Dickens Christmas Fair


The Dickens Fair really is quite a bit of fun.  It runs all day on weekends and it is indoors so you don't suffer from the weather.  Yes there's Bob on the left. The food smells and the smoked almonds hang in the air and it makes for a very sensuous sort of experience.  The place isn't so very large and so the feeling is pretty cozy.
Everyone wears fancy dress, well everyone in the upper classes that is.  This is Rose Maylie from Oliver Twist At Mad Sal's dockside alehouse the dancers work hard to entertain the customers.  Mad Sal's is at the other end of town from the fancy folks.
Backstage is always a festive place to get a rest from London in winter.  That's Sharon on the left and Tom on the right. And the advice flows freely
This picture was after Fair had ended and we were getting a drink before getting back to reality Ah, bliss.  I think these two were sweet on each other for reals
After the end of the last day this pretty young woman was walking next to me and said she was on he way to try on this blouse* and wished she had a camera. 

(*see through hankie with fringe)
Lucky for all of us, I had a camera in my pocket.  Right after this shot the proprietor convinced her to flash us both.  Fortunately I had already put away the camera. 

Yes, it was really quite memorable.
Amy tries to wink, somewhat unsuccessfully Redeye reduction not in use in the 1850's however Kaylie didn't seem to mind.
The explorers club/or adventurers club (whatever) is a boring place.  Really. On the other hand, the Dark Garden (corset makers) window displays less than 50 feet away are always exciting.  Check out the, um... package.
Yup, you guessed right, they have women in the corset shop windows too. And let's just say the place is pretty much bursting with celebration of the friggin holiday spirit.
Did I mention there are women in the Dark Garden window? And the festive dancers at Mad Sal's
That's spelled F E S T I V E Can you spell C O R S E T