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I got it in my head after looking at the old site that the layout was getting very stale, staler than the content
which was pretty bad itself.  Then it hit me, spend a few days redoing everything so all 14 of my visitors
could see that I really cared about hurting their feelings with bad web design.  So here is the result.  I hope
at least a few people get a kick out of the awesome majesty of the new layout. 
Just in case you were missing the old page or any of the pictures, never fear, I moved most of that content
to this new layout, it's just reorganized and polished. I even wrote spiffy new captions for most of the pictures.
Be sure to peruse the new content that I struggled to come up with.  It's really the finest stuff on the net. 
If you want to follow the latest happenings in excruciating detail, go to Bob's blog which is updated, like, daily.

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  Christmas at the casa.  

Just like last year at this time, we had Christmas at the house.  Funny that it seems to happen every year at the same time.

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