Old Pictures

 Bob's family history in some old pictures

Long ago there was a woman named Meta who had a little girl Betty   Who met a boy named Paul, Elsie's son
and they were married and had three beautiful children

That's them all grown up

One of whom met Bob's boy Bob
Who had a cool car
and made things   Sharon was cute
Dad did a stint in the Army

He was stationed in Germany

Mom and Dad didn't know each other yet  
Dad went to the beach because he liked it, the solitude, the beauty, the power Properly announced,
they wed   for better or worse  
in front of everyone then they partied

Moms Dad (the boy in uniform above) stands next to his mother

Um... random   Then they had three beautiful children
  Sharmaine   Bob
And Ralph   Who grew up, eventually
In new clothes on Sundays With kites and friends
Getting in the car and smiling in new dresses   And mugging for the camera
Posing for precious moments And looking kid of silly with long hair and tie dyed tee shirts
Riding cool bikes with peace signs and getting school pictures taken
smiling in new dresses and relaxing on a long hike
and starting seventh grade and graduating from high school

(That's Bob's smokin hot cousin Jeannie)

mugging for the camera having babies
visiting with relatives and more relatives
Eventually dad and mom divorced And dad dated a few women
some of whom I didn't like But he still liked both of his sisters
Eventually he met a woman who could be his wife Whose daughter was a great kid
and whose other daughter was not as nice Then one by one the elders passed, first Meta, then Betty, then Bob, then Bob, then the other Betty.  I miss them all.