The Renaissance Faire


The Renaissance Faire is really several faires.  They are all over the place, usually a longish drive, and the unifying theme seems to be heat and dust. The ladies told me this fellow was called "Eye Candy".  I wonder what they mean.
The lady on the left here was entertaining people with her ring toss brassiere thingy.  There was a fellow with a cucumber arrangement too. The Queen prepares to smack one of her subjects
These are the "household" costumes.  The ladies are nobles now, but I have never seen the costumes on them. Dory is very surprised the Queen did not have him killed.
They are so cute! A battle to the death
What a honey The Queen in her SUV
Nice mugs ladies Dory looks stoned, but isn't
Smile contest winners Swings were popular even a long time ago
But not as popular as jousting Lisa has lobbied me to come to casa de fruita and "do Faire" for several years.  Turning her down has become something of a hobby.
Some renaissance dudes check out the big long sword thingy Apparently size mattered even then. OK, these pictures are all hella old and I am under orders to get the camera down to the faire and get pictures of the new costumes.  I'll even get Andy in here too!